Navigator forward button with ajax links

I have website all links work with Ajax…
I have problem when click on forward navigator button!
How i can fix this? so when vistor click on forward get the right content of page with ajax…

my website link is:


You can use this techique from your JavaScript to trigger page updates.The window location object manages the address loaded by the browser Assign and replace look similar, but have a different constraints.

You can explain me more?

Hi procreagency welcome to the forum

I can’t read Arabic so I may have missed it, but I don’t see any “forward” (nor a “next”) in the home page.

If you are talking about a browsers forward, that is part of the browser that navigates the history. For example, If I go to page “A”, then go to page “B”, then go back to page A, clicking on the browsers forward will go to page B.

The browser chrome is not typically something that would involve AJAX, and it might not even be possible. The “back” and “forward” are to navigate to pages, while AJAX is typically used to load new content into the page already loaded into the browser. Not to load a different page.

If you are wanting some type of pagination of entire pages, that would be a link (maybe styled as a button) that would go to various pages.

There’s a good chance I’ve not understood what you are wanting to do. If I’m wrong about your question, please try to explain in more detail.

my site not load different pages, for this the browsers forward not work…
I ask if have JS command to add it on my js functions to can enable the browsers forward…

The pushState method is how you add pages to the browser history.

I’m using pushState but some times return me wrong page data!

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