Navigation wont position properly

Hi I trying to create a web page with a responsive navigation. When I make my screen smaller the navigation changes to a toggle menu. My problem is that the ul is not positioned where I want it to be. When i click the menu button I want the list to start at the bottom of the whole header at the moment its in the middle. I tried to change is by moving it down using margin top but when I look at it in different devices it doesn’t work.

below is the link to my site. If you minimize your screen then click the menu button you will see problem.

What would I need to do to get to be at the bottom of my header so it wont disrupt the look of the logo?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Try this, remove the min-height: 60px from nav, fixed heights are rarely a good idea anyway. Then to make that height back up again increase the padding-bottom on the h1 to 3.5em.
That will make the nav about 60px (at normal font size, allowing for an increase) and push the ul to its bottom.

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