Navigation problem

1-Navigation not appear on mobile devices every time … just appear one time and disappeae another one

2- i want to change the word (navigation) to another thing

Site link :

Anyone can help ?

A link to the site might not be enough information to offer any help.

We need to see the code that is responsible for that output. Is it coming from the redwaves-lite theme or a plugin?

The link to his site is at the end of his original post.

My first impression was that remote images or scripts might be taking so long to respond that the menu sometimes times out before loading, especially if the internet is slow. I have not taken the time to prove or disprove that theory, though.

Sorry for not posting codes
I tried to stop plugins and the issue was in caching plugin that prevent navigation from loading
So u stopped using it
Thank you,


Thank you for explaining what you found, assemfoad77816. tup

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