Navigation bar

I have a problem in navigation bar I have made a horizontal navigation bar same navigation I have kept in vertical also but I want to have my vertical one a different formating. But I can’t give it different formatting because in my external style sheet I have given formatting which applies on my “a href” element. Since the vertical navigation is also made using “a href” so it is also getting the same formating as I have given to my horizontal navigation bar. How can I get out of this problem and can make my vertical navigation bar different by giving it different formatting?

Use different Ids for the wrapper of the different navigation and include or refer the ids in your stylesheet. This might help you -

Hi RizwanAhmedMemon. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

As radiant_luv says, you can target the menus with different ids or classes. If you want more help with this, provide a link to an example page. :slight_smile:

A link to the issue could definitely help. Also, have you considered using PHP id tagging to help split up the navigation from the content?

if you could post your css and the menu html code it would be lot easier to get you guidance.
here is a very rough idea scratching on the surface:

#menu a {}


<ul id=“menu”>