Navbar Order problem


I have been having an hard time with this navbar. You can check it out on

Problem is, for some reason the links just stop working, next to that, if you go to home or page5, it reverses the order of the navbar.

If someone can help me with this, I would be grateful.

Now what’s quite impressive is that it does things, I didn’t order it to do, neither in the HTML nor CSS. For example, if you click on the link to Page1 it changes the logo.

Now what’s quite weird is that these are in total 6 identical HTML files, using 1 CSS file.

Are you sure you have the same HTML menu code on the Home page as on other pages?

Yes, I cross checked a dozen times.

Also, if you try to click on the links, at first they work normally, then all of a sudden it starts using name anchors. Which aren’t in the code…

Did you solve this already?
I would check , not the HTML, but the CASCADE of the CSS. As you didn’t give any identifying class to the main navigation list. it is possible that other style sheets override how the LIs are displayed. merely changing li{float:left;} to li{float:right;} ( or viceversa) anywhere in the CSS would cause the problem you have just described.

Seems to be working fine now. When I first checked, the menu order in the HTML was reversed on the Home page.

Got that order fixed, but now when you click the links, it goes stops working. I think because it tries to use name anchors.

The nav anchors are working for me in Chrome. What browser/setup are you having the issues on?

Seems like going to sleep fixed it :slight_smile:

No, we sent the SitePoint code elves to visit you while you slept. No one ever gives them the credit they deserve. :slight_smile:

Are you calling me short?

No, just naked. :shifty: