Nav Links Collapsing

Hi, my links in header start to collapse when I resize my browser due
to the social media section being in the way:<div class="info-content">

Is it possible for it not collapse and keep inline and give it more room?, because when I look at the website in
my 13’ macbook for example some of the link start to collapse…SITE

Its a question of logistics really and there simply isn’t any room left on the line.

You would need to add a media query and reduce the logo width, reduce the padding between the list items and reduce the font-size of the details on the right and then it may just stay on one line.

A better approach would be to make the right side drop below the menu and all in one line rather than 3. Of course that would also mean changing the html around so that that was possible.

would it be a bad approach to increase the size of the container?

That doesn’t answer your question though does it?

The problem is as the container gets smaller the content no longer fits. There is no problem with the full width display (greater than 1200px). If you want it to fit on your 13" macbook then you need to change the nav so it fits in a smaller space not a larger one :smile:

The easier option is to trigger the hamburger menu earlier but that happens at quite a wide width.

If the site were mine I would keep most content in view for as long as possible by re-organising it once it doesn’t fit much as I outlined above. It’s all a question of logistics and it your cup runneth over then it spills on the floor :slight_smile:


I took your advice about organization and to me it looks much better -

Yes that’s better :smile:

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