Natural Sceneries Image Download

As an office lady. I am one of the people who loves changing wallpaper, with a new computer background, it refreshes working day. And among all the picture categories, I love natural scenery photos the best. They actually bring peace and tranquility to me, truth be told, it makes me more efficient in working. However, it is never easy to find a suitable image site, time is limited, so I don’t want it to be wasted registrating, and I need high quality natural scenery pictures, is there somebody to help me find a proper site?

One of the things I’ve fallen in love with is Johns Background Switcher. It can tie into Flicker and you can have it look for photos with a specific tag (think Nature). It also ties into Google Image search, Instagram, Facebook, and much more to find photos that may be noteworthy to you and makes them your wallpaper.

[font=calibri]The Ordnance Survey (UK mapping agency) produce some stunning scenery wallpaper, which is available every month with a small calendar graphic in the corner, and comes in a range of different resolutions for every screen size – check out

Unfortunately it seems like they don’t provide an archive any more, so you can only get the current month – if you can cope with only changing it once a month then you’re in luck :)[/font]