Natural Language Generation SPAM or NOT?

I was wondering if automatically generated text reports about stock price movements can be considered SPAM or DUPLICATION. I have seen software packages which are able to generate easily readable and very helpful reports - via transforming the table based numerical information into coherent textual summary for the humans to easier to interpret. Here is an example system being described called Stock Reporter:

I wonder what you think of such a way of content generation?

Looking forward to hear what you think

Neither, it has everything to do with Copyrights.

If you are getting info from source via JS, then you’re saying Google where it’s coming from.
But if you’re using script to retrieve data and post it in your site without attribution, then
you’re in violation of DMCA and that what is going to put your site in jeopardy with Google.


YES…but I am wondering if generating my own content automatically can be flagged as the DUPLICATION by google??? what if certain parts pf my reports look a bit similar to the others while being overall different from one another??? what do you think is the acceptable level do REPETITIVENESS of my own articles???

By your “own content”, do you mean for your own web site? Because in that case, the more important question is “How repetitive is this going to be for my human visitors?” If they perceive your site to be full of duplicated content, they won’t stick around, no matter how highly Google ranks you.

TechnoBear is right, it really depends on how much of it is repetitive and will it be useful to your visitors. If it is stock price movement information, then a lot of that info might be public information and a lot of it will most likely be duplicated since if a stock goes up or has been trending up for a week or month, most sites will say the same thing, so I would not worry about that part of the duplication.

Ultimately, you want to have something that is useful for your users though, so if your auto generated content is worded slightly different then other sites, but basically says the same thing, you might be ok in the search engines eyes regarding duplicate content, but will that provide any real value for your users? Look at it from the perspecitive of trying to create some content that users can only find on your site.

yes…I mean my own website…I am not going to duplicate the content form the other websites…I am only concerned abotu how tolerant is goggle of the duplication of the self-created materials)

As for the repetitiveness it is my only concern - I do hope the content will be really useful to the audience…I have spent a lot fo time creating the numeric output so translating it into the readable text would help the visitors interpret it…I wonder what do you think is the ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF REPETITIVENESS?


I’m still not very clear what you’re planning to do here.

If you’re automatically generating a stock market report to place on your own site, I don’t think that’s a problem, even though the same information is available on other sites. Lots of sites have weather forecast information, but just because they share the same information doesn’t mean they’re regarded as duplicates. If you’re generating several different reports - say for different stock exchanges - then again, that should be OK. If you are using one set of data to create numerous reports, all on the same subject, then that is basically duplicate content however you look at it.

To answer your latest question, if you add 100 unique and relevant articles to your site all at once, it can only improve the value of your site for your visitors and Google will not penalise you. If you add 100 versions of the same article…well, I’m sure you can work that out for yourself.

Google want useful, unique, real content, and are rapidly getting better at spotting anything that isn’t. Since they employ some of the world’s best talent, it is unlikely that you’ll get away with spinning and/or autogeneration much longer. It is extremely unlikely that autogenerated or spun text is actually really useful to anyone that knows a bit about the subject, and as such it is unproductive drab.
It may work for a while longer, but anywebsite that has a lot of it, should expect to take a massive tumble in organic serp before long.

I am basically workign on making textual summaries of the computerized technical analysis reports for multiple trading instruments…I can of course present the data in the table format but wish to add a paragraph or two to explain the findings…and I plan on creating reports for past dates - a lot of them,…the textual content should not be replicas of the other paragraphs…I am only concerned that goggle might think I am being overly repetitive if I adhere to the same format and close wording for the reports.

yes but I hope to creat the reports very different from one another as the number of the metrics is rather larger so I can cycle through some and not mention the others in the reports…

Good luck to you, but be prepared for a backlash sooner rather than later if you are going to use autogenerated content.