Naming selectors - numeric, upper case

While it’s generally accepted, not to start with numbers or uppercase letters, is it okay/widely-browser-compatible to trail with numbers and upper case?


Uppercase letters can go anywhere in id and class names - it is up to you what convention you use.

Numbers can go anywhere except on the front - anything beyond that is again up to you.

you are free to do whatever you want, but you should:
-use logic names
-name in a consistent way
to make developing easier

I only use letters for my selectors, and make the first worrd start lowercase and any next word started uppercase like: “.selectedRow”

I prefer to avoid upper case altogether. A lot of problems crop up from a mis-match of cases, so using all lower case helps to avoid one more opportunity for errors. (I guess camel casing is an exception to that if it is a standard procedure for you.)

It is really okay because it’s your choice. However to avoid multiple browsing errors in the future; just use a plain and easy to remember name.