Naming conventions for programming

I have been programming since so long time ago that most of the people reading that post weren’t even born !
Thru the years I took on habits in my programming, one of them is using naming conventions, mine is a loosely version of the Hungarian Notation.

Recently a nephew came up to me to help him sorting out some programming issues, he started a technical school in the computing area.
I noticed that most of the items in his forms were named as his programming tools wants it to be, that is Button01, Button02 or TextBox01, TextBox01, etc. When I asked him if they had been taught about naming conventions is database, tables, forms, etc. he said he never heard of it.

I saw some topics in this community about naming conventions but most are a few years old and as trends come and go very fast in the industry I am wondering what is the current one. Are you guys, especially those who started coding very recently, using naming conventions in your programming and dbs ? For those who are teaching coding, do you teach about naming conventions ?

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I find naming conventions (or lack thereof) to be language-specific. To that extent, for me, it’s become more of a syntax issue than a standard; when I write in language X, i’ll use naming convention X, and when i write in language Y, i’ll use naming convention Y. And sometimes language Z doesn’t have a naming convention, and I just usually am lazy.

Interesting point about being language specific: true that when I am writing some the javascript or jquery I am not using the same syntax as when writing server side code, vb for me.

Still are you naming a button with a specific name (example: btnWrite) or do you leave like your programming environment would suggest (Button01) ?

Well for caveat: I don’t have a ‘normal’ language. I’m not a “every problem can be solved with a hammer” sort of programmer, so i’ve learned from a perspective of flexibility/adaptation. I’m not saying this is 'the ’ way to do it, or even recommending it, but it’s how I operate. YMMV.

I would leave things in the form that the programming environment suggests.I assume that someone is going to follow me at some point who does follow the programming environment’s standard (waving their hammer around…), and so it’s easier to adopt the environment’s style for prevention of later readability/recoding issues for others.

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