Naming a new company

I’m in the process of starting my web design company and am trying to think of a good name. I’m not looking for name ideas per se, but unstead am trying to find ideas on how people came up with the name for their company. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hey Dan, yes I saw that blog post and there are some interesting ideas, but I was hoping to get some more ideas from the people here.

thanks BillyParadise, those are some good pointers appreciate it!

I prefer something 3 syllable which may or may not mean anything. Why? They generally roll off the tongue well, are memorable, and are therefore brandable.

Consonant/Vowel/Consonant/Vowel/Consonant/Vowel - bababa bacedi etc … find one you like and where the .com is available. Boom. Instant company name.

Or, if you know another language, pick a word … like Akamai.