Namespaces and frameworks


Question #1:

I’ve been seeing a lot of namespaces that are like: or similar ones that all start with “com”.

I couldn’t find anything on google related to “com” has it’s too vague of a term to search. Does anyone know why everyone seems to follow this pattern?

Question #2:

I’ve seen posts and heard statements that JSP pages should run under a framework, otherwise it runs slow. Is this true? I haven’t found evidence of that.


1: Namespaces are generally ‘built’ from least specific to most specific.
e.g: I use net.rushiku.sitepoint for any code I write for this forum.

2: While JSPs can be used as the only server-based technology in an application, they are best used as ‘pretty but dumb’ interfaces to an underlying framework. Either way, however, speed is not an issue or affected.

What ‘JSPs are slow’ dimwits are usually referring to is the fact that the first time a previously non-accessed JSP is accessed, it must be compiled. This, of course, adds to the time needed to display the page, but only the first time it’s accessed (the compiled code is kept). Further, if this a concern, there exists ways to pre-compile your JSPs before deploying your apps.