| Any Web Design Companies out there use these guys?


My name is Travis and I run a small web design firm and I’m looking at for their hosting. I have around 10 hosting clients and I’m looking to grow. I know they’re a favorite as a domain registrar and that’s why I’m looking at their hosting. I like the idea of having Domains & Hosting with the same company. I know Rackspace & MediaTemple are too really great options for hosting but not DN’s, SSL, etc. Just weighing my options…

Travis H.

A lot of people recommend NOT having your domain name and web hosting at the same company just in case there are any problems. I would never recommend anyone go for one of those “sign up for web hosting and get a free domain name” things. There is just too much at risk with a domain name.

Generally speaking, I would agree with cheesedude. Being a Namecheap customer for so long, I am tempted to day that caution is not so much needed with them, but companies can turn bad in a very short time. It’s probably best if you keep your hosting and domains separate.

It’s 50/50.

While I don’t want to put all eggs into a basket either, if a vendor is always working well with you, there is no problem to have both domains and hosting with them. Separated vendors are okay, if you want to manage multiple accounts (I know some of our customers don’t want that). But what’s happening if one of them goes bad? You might want to merge both to one then, or have to look for another vendor = need to spend our time.

At the end, sorry, but it’s up to you :slight_smile: