Name opinions please

Hi all,

I need a domain name for a church called Saint Francis. I think the sitepoint forum rules say I am not allowed to mention domain names so can I say this much…

I am thinking of…
stfrancis[town name]
So this would be 9 characters + 9 characters = 18 characters +, or with a different town name 9 characters + 6 characters = 15 characters +

So would 18 characters + be ok or is it too long?

Also am I right that you don’t have to bother typing www in the address bar these days and if so is that just for modern browsers? I am also thinking that if written on letterheads etc / paper the domain name could be printed as above ie without www ie because the tells you this is a web address.

Thanks for any comments…

.CO is aimed at companies (businesses) .ORG is aimed at organisations (like charities and non-profits), it seems right to use ORG in preference. :slight_smile:

I’m in two minds as to the answer to that, while it’s a local church the UK based one probably makes sense, but some people may forget the .UK and thereby the .ORG which is more well known (globally) could do better. As for the length, I would be tempted to keep it as short as possible - people don’t like long domains.

how about stfrancis dot co

I believe that is better to have your domain name with one of the TLD.

I would not worry too much about the lenth. Are you not able to register that name without the town name?

Correct, no need to enter www., even in older browsers.

On print, you can do it without the www as well, however sometimes it makes it s good indicator that it is a web address.

That is the matter of the old stile. So far a lot of web sites prefer using www. in their URLs

According to the kinds of site you would like to set up.the domain name is OK.

Type in www or not,that is not a problem of the browsers.

Most people that market a website will place the “www” in print. What I’m wondering is why you are going with a “”. Is the “” not available?


I suppose using abbreviation in one part of domain name will make that more memorable and attractive.

In your case the long-ish domain name should be fine. I’d try to get the 15 character name - less letters = less chance of a typo when entering it into a browser. It sounds like most of your site visitors will be members of your church (or their friends), as long as you let your church community know your domain name they should have no problem remembering it.

I haven’t looked but I though the domain name should be informative / descriptive - if it was just ‘stfrancis’, there are numerous churches, schools and other organisations called St Francis. Also this is a local church not, for example, a national society or organisation.


Do you mean .org is better than


The idea of not printing the www is that I think the name is already long (and unwieldy) ie 18 characters +, and the www would make it even longer.

What I’m wondering is why you are going with a “”. Is the “” not available?

I thought that ‘co’ was for a company ie a business or commercial enterprise but this is a church.