parked, can I get without issue?

Hi, quick question.

Let’s say that there is a website named and it’s parked (has a parked page), but the and are available. If I make a website with that domain name, can the holder of the parked do anything about it?

No they can’t (at least not unless the domain name has some other aspect to it that would be significant).

Yes you can. If domain name is parked that means that someone is intersted in selling that domain name and most likely such domain name will expire soon.
So go ahead.

If I make a website with that domain name, can the holder of the parked do anything about it?

If “name” they have a valid trademark that they own the rights to, yes, the could do something about it (take the .org from you).

99% it wont matter so you can go ahead and register. Keep an eye on expiry of .com domain, in case you want to buy it…

I suppose if domain name is not used with COM so that is flag that here is no trade mark above that domain name there and I suppose there is no prevention for you to register ORG domain name.

As ldcdc mentioned, if they have a trademark, chances are they can (there is debate and legislation involved in this, blah blah). So, if I register something like “”, if Sony Pictures came to me, they would have a case to force me to sell it to them (or give it to them in some cases). It’s kind of a gray area, but one you want to stay out of if you can.

Yeah, i do agree with samanime, before you invest in domain name just check that if there’s anything related to trademark or other ownership issues…else you may have to lose the domain name if they have legal rights.

I believe that is hard to do. Maybe there are some databases you can share?
That is quite interesting to know the ways how to find out that.

If a .com is parked and you buy .net or .org and develop then there is a possibility of .com owner approaching you to buy his domain. I have sold one domain that way.
only one thing will heart is trademark so search for treadmark here
Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)
use term like google etc.