MyVIPHosting or Santrex?

I currently volunteer at a free web hosting company where we offer free offshore and onshore web hosting. But I am considering going off on my own to start a web design business along with a hosting company based on cPanel/WHM.

At the free hosting company, we use two service providers. We use Santrex for our offshore cPanel reseller, and MyVIPHosting for our onshore cPanel reseller. Both are cheap, and I’m considering using one of them for my hosting company. However, I’m not sure which one to use.

With each company, we’ve had our share of problems. With MyVIPHosting, we have had occasional downtime, but not for very long. The server we were on was also hacked, and we lost all data, which made our free clients angry. With Santrex, we have had downtime also, and their support agents are sometimes rude and/or take a long time to respond. Even during major situations.

Also, Santrex is cheaper than MyVIPHosting. For MyVIPHosting, an unlimited reseller with the ability to create unlimited reseller accounts is $60 per month, while Santrex is $39.

I’m honestly not sure which one of these companies to go with. I don’t want to sign up and make a big mistake. I would love your opinions on these two companies.

Thank you very much!

I have never heard of both.
May I ask you what for are you planning to use your offshore host?

I am actually not going to get an offshore server, it’s just that the free hosting company offers it as an option. If I get either company, it’s going to be a server in the USA. I don’t trust my data on an offshore server, mainly because at the free company, we’ve had to switch the country our server was on 3 times.

If you are looking for the paid web hosting solution in USA I’m sure you will not have any problem in finding it. Being the heart of Internet lots of web hosting companies can be found in US

I know that I can easily find web hosting in the USA. But what I’m looking for is a cPanel/WHM Reseller Account with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and, if possible, the ability to create other reseller accounts for around $60 per month ($30 if it doesn’t have the abilitiy to create reseller accounts). I found MyVIP and Santrex, and have heard good and bad things about both companies. If there are any other companies out there that offer these kinds of reseller accounts in my price range, I would appreciate it.

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