Mystery gap in bootstrap grid

I’m working with a template so im sort of at a loss for words on this one (I mean as to why its not working)
theres a gap in the last of the events near the bottom.
Where is it coming from, cause its not in

In the second example the images are absolutely placed into the exact position you want but in the first example you are floating the images into position and you can’t make a left float slide up the inside side of a previous left float.

If all you are having is the two grids then you can float the right image in the second grid to the right instead of the left and then the left float will fall into position.


.custom-row > div > div.custom-grid2 ~ .custom-grid2 {float:right}

Of course if you now add a third grid similar to the first the above rule will break so you would need to use a custom class (of appropriate weight) on the right floated item.

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thanks, what does the ~ mean ?


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