Mysqldump Version Mismatch

Hello. I’m using Docker and Mysql Workbench as recommended in PHP & MySql Novice to Ninja. I’ve started making my own site and am trying to export the database structure and contents to put onto a web server. When I try to do a Data Export I get the following message:

/Applications/ is version 8.0.22, but the MySQL Server to be dumped has version 10.8.3.

Because the version of mysqldump is not the same as the server, some features may not be backed up properly.

It is recommended you upgrade or downgrade your local MySQL client programs, including mysqldump, to a version equal to or newer than that of the target server.

The path to the dump tool must then be set in Preferences → Administrator → Path to mysqldump Tool:

I’m guessing this is because I’m runnning a relatively older version of MySQL Workbench that would work on Mac Catalina. I’m not feeling at all confident about messing with the settings of Docker and was wondering if anyone has any insights?

Maybe there is some other way of getting an SQL file out Docker rather than Workbench?

Incase it’s useful to anyone here is a bit of a workaround:

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