MySQL timestamp doesn't match system time

Hi everybody,

I have a problem and now idea how can be solved. The MySQL timestamp is frozen. Each time I run a command that should return the current date and time, it doesn’t. For instance, I log in my system (Solaris) and run

root@mypc# date

I receive the correct date and time. Then I log into the mysql console and run:

mysql> select now();

And it returns always the same non real date and time, a two days ago date and time (the date when the problem started). When I repeat the operation again tomorrow, it shows again the same date and time, now 3 days backward of course.

I restarted the mysql service, and it worked again … for couple of days only. I have this problem in more than one server (3)

I haven’t found any error in the logs so far

Any help would be welcomed, the clients are driving me crazy right now.