MySQL Table Error Message: This is not a number!

I’m learning how to create a table with phpMyAdmin. I put some screenshots of my experiments online at, with the newest pictures at the bottom.

My latest attempt ends with the error message “This is not a number!” But it doesn’t specify what “this” refers to. WHAT is not a number?

Also, someone advised me to add the column I labeled state_id, even though it won’t contain anything.

Can you see what I’m doing wrong?

whoever told you to add state_id as an auto_increment is way off base

your primary key for the statesexp table is statecode

they suggested auto_increment, so it would actually not have nothing in it – instead, it would have sequential numbers, starting at 1 with the first row you added, then 2, and so on

but that is, in my humble opinion, but based on decades of database experience, totally unnecessary for states, especially for a beginner

the default table type is myisam

p.s. my eyes!! they’re bleeeeeeeeeding!!!

Hmmmmm… Do you know of any online tutorials that have actual pictures of MySQL tables that I can use as a reference guide - something a little more user-friendly than the MySQL Manual? (This page just doesn’t cut it!: Maybe it’s well documented on phpMyAdmin’s website, and I just haven’t found it yet.

But I’d like to find a page that depicts perhaps half a dozen tables, of different types, with a variety of columns - text, numerals, decimals, etc. If there is no such reference, I’d better make one!


feel free to browse through my SQL Links – there are quite a number of tutorials listed, many very good ones, but i cannot off the top of my head remember which of them have example tables of the sort you are suggesting

don’t write your own reference yet, until you’ve checked them all out

but if you do create your own reference, to add to the thousands that are already out there, please, do yourself a favour, don’t use weird fonts and clown’s-pants backgrounds, you will never get more than one site visit per visitor, and it will be a short one (the visit, not the visitor)

no offence, but your pages that i’ve looked at literally make my eyes hurt (if not actually bleed)