Mysql structure based on date

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So I was asked to make a module for a storage website, which will display users storage.

There is an application on server which does all of this and has a database, so programmer told me that he can update mysql database whenever change happens to the original one.

He gave me table like this one

    Balance, date - 13.05.2014
        Warehouse:	21				60,000.00

    	№	Name	            Quantity	Unit (weight)   Netto

    	1	Chicken (15 kg) 	4,000	Box (15 kg.)    	60,000.00

    	Total:		4,000		60,000.00

And told me that he will be updating database with sending how much is added or subtracted to the quantity.

In my mind this will look like this

  INSERT INTO table VALUES (1000, 0, datetime())

where first value is quantity added, second is subtracted and third date.

I know this is kind of strange but this is what he told me (and I have suspicious he kind of hates me)

So i need suggestions how to design such database, which will be also performance efficient. Do I really need to table structure or can I go with one?

yes, you need

Sorry that was a typo, I meant " Do I really need “two table” structure or can I go with one?


which two were you thinking of?

one with the product, and the other with updates

so, for example one table will take

“99” “chicken”

and the other

ID Added Subtracted date
“99”, “+100”, “-5”, “date”

So customer can see the quantity by date (for example yesterday)

wow, that’s pretty sophisticated… are you sure you need that?