Moving on from the great answer posed by r937 yesterday, I have Perplexing issue with ROUND()… This has to be a bug…Right!?
I have a number, a result of the query below which I want to round to 2 decimal places and show as a percentage.

When I round to 1 decimal place I get 2.4 - all very nice and what I expected.
Also, when I round to 3 I get 2.463 - again all is still good in my rather dim little world
However, when I go for 2 decimal places I get 2.4699999999999998
WTF…!? Is it me… or does MySQL have a decimal allergy?


mysql bugs are exceedingly rare – more often it’s PEBKAC

please show the values for h1.updated and h2.updated that produced your error

@r937 Thanks for PEBKAC, I was guessing that might be the case but I much prefer FTTKNWTD™ . If it is PEBKAC then why is it OK in certain scenarios and not other - or is that me just being lucky?
h1.updated: 2016-12-06 21:05:39
h2.updated: 2016-12-06 21:05:20
But the above h1 and h2 are taken from when I ‘GROUP BY’ month
After further investigation it appears that things work OK until I group by… confused

FTTKNWTD - Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do!

here you go… this is how to debug a formula

~you~ figure out what’s wrong, because i don’t see how the two datetimes that you gave me could possibly produce the results 2.463 or 2.4699999999999998

[code]SET @h1_updated = ‘2016-12-06 21:05:39’ ;
SET @h2_updated = ‘2016-12-06 21:05:20’ ;

, last
, d
, calc
, CONCAT(ROUND(calc,2),‘%’) AS result
, last
, d
, diff / ( d * 86400 ) * 100 AS calc
FROM ( SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(second,@h2_updated,@h1_updated) AS diff
, LAST_DAY(@h2_updated) AS last
, DAY(LAST_DAY(@h2_updated)) AS d
) AS x
) AS y

diff last d calc result

19 2016-12-31 31 0.0007 0.00%

aw, shit… don’t tell me you forgot how to GROUP BY

@r937 Really appreciate you sharing that debugging a formula… It helps.
In response to your second reply… I’m so sorry if I forgot something, truly I am, but there are days Rudy when things are so clear and then there are others, when its not… when I look at some of the code I’ve written and I cannot grasp it. I think, who the hell wrote that… Weird, isn’t it…SQL is somewhat like that for me. Some days its as clear as a bell and some days it makes no sense whatsoever. Perhaps today is one of those days… In any case, I appreciate your continued yet frustrated support.

@r937 I finally figured out it wasn’t GROUP BY or ROUND() that was the issue. It was the CONCAT(…,‘%’) statement, removing that and everything fell into place… But your debug query was still very helpful… Thanks again

i’m not buying that, sorry

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