MySQL returns 0 rows

When i run this query
SELECT * FROM site WHERE Region=('CIRCLE_GUJ_NORTH') It returns the row but when i put this in region it does not work,
I am firing queries from phpmyadmin. what is the problem in CIRCLE_C_MUMBAI. I have made sure that the region is present in table rows. The column type is VARCHAR(1000).

I also tried this
select * from site where Region IN ('CIRCLE_C_MUMBAI','CIRCLE_GUJ_NORTH')
This only returns rows from CIRCLE_GUJ_NORTH

Double check spelling. You’d be amazed how often mispellings are overlooked (the human brain can rearrange letters to make them human readable subconsciously)

I checked spelling it was right.

The entries in the columns were done with PHPMYADMIN interface when it was not displaying the data. Maybe Copy paste has some issues.

I removed the column value and then inserted the data again with PHP code.
Now it displays the rows. Solved

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