MySQL query the limit set of a data type

If I set a data field to let’s say TEXT(500) or VARCHAR(500) Is there a way for me to query this so that I can use that value and match my form limit to that set in the database?

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yes… write your query against this table –

select column_name , data_type , character_maximum_length -- here ya go from information_schema.columns where table_name = 'daTable'

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@937 So cool… I was worried that I’d have to hack some ugly code to do this so thanks… again r937
Oh and I just found that even if you set a limit on type ‘TEXT’ as in TEXT(500) the query still returns 65535 as if no limit has been set. However varchar(500) returns 500…strange!

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strange? wait’ll you try to store the number 123,456,789 in an INTEGER(3) column!!


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