MySQL query problem


I am aggravating to get a MySQL concern to assignment aural my PHP code. I accept arrested application the book account that the concern I am casual to MySQl is correct. The exact concern pasted into PHPMyAdmin does assignment as well. The concern alone brings aback one row and in PHPMyAdmin it says 0-0 rows alternate alike admitting the abstracts row is shown.

However I try and retrieve the abstracts from the concern in my PHP code, I cannot get it. Any suggestions as to what ability be the issue? I am cerebration (and of advance could be wrong) that it has article to do with alone one row actuality returned.

I will column the cipher if necessary.

I cannot fully describe the problem i’ve encountered yesterday however it is now already fixed I already found a solution.

Looks like google translator to me :wink:

dellex, if you’ve got any knowledge of english, please try to explain things yourself, you’ll do a better job than that translator for sure.

Sorry, but I don’t think anyone can help you with that explanation.
Can you post a query and the results you expect to get?