MySql Query modify

Hi, I have written this query.

SELECT AS Brand,DATE_FORMAT(cl_doctor_call.date_entered,'%b%y')AS MonthYear,

SUM(FIND_IN_SET(CONCAT('^',,'^'),cl_doctor_call_cstm.brand_discussed_c))AS No_Times_Brand_Discussed
FROM cl_doctor_call LEFT JOIN cl_doctor_call_cstm ON 
LEFT JOIN cl_brands ON
CONCAT('^',,'^') LIKE CONCAT(cl_doctor_call_cstm.brand_discussed_c, '%' )
WHERE (cl_doctor_call.date_entered)
GROUP BY,MonthYear
ORDER BY No_Times_Brand_Discussed DESC limit 1

This query gives us highest brand discussed with brand name and monthyear.


Brand Monthyear No_Times_Brand_Discussed
x Nov11 5

Now i want show the brand discussed details of ‘‘same brand’’ for last 2 months (that means my query should return me results for same brand details for more last 2 months) so my result would be like that

Brand Monthyear No_Times_Brand_Discussed

x Nov11 5
x Oct11 0
x Sep11 1

Tell me how can I modify my above query so that it will give me this result

If anyone is having difficulty to understand my issue, let me know… I 'll try to explore it in another way…