MYSQL. Problem changing my.ini

Hi, ive been a member of these forums for a few months now, mainly scouring for CSS tips and solutions. However, i’ve recently purchased Kevin Yanks book; Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using MYSQL and PHP, to work through. Annoyingly i’m having a problem with the initial MySQL setup which i cant seem to find a solution to on these forums or even Google. The book instructs the user to edit the my.ini file by adding the ‘old-passwords’ command, but no matter what i try i cannot save any additional content to this file. i just get the error… “Cannot create C:/programfiles/mysql/mysql server 5.0/my.ini” . I fear im overlooking something very simple here. Has anyone else experienced this? The only thing that comes to mind is that im running Vista, which the book predates.

Any help would be appreciated

Go to that folder in Explorer, right click my.ini, and see if it has the read-only box ticked. If so, uncheck it so you can overwrite it.

If that doesn’t do it, go to that folder again, right click in some whitespace in the file list, and click Properties (to get the properties dialog for the entire folder). Go to the security tab, click the edit button with the security icon, acknowledge the security prompt, and give the “Users” group “full access” to the folder.