MySQL on New server, licensing?

Hello everyone,

I’m about to setup my own web-server at a datacenter near me. I’ll hire a server admin, but before I do, I have a few questions.

Today I was looking at MySQL’s website, and I saw the “Buy now” link in the menu. and was wondering “Isn’t MySQL free?”

Now I want to ask you, is MySQL free? - That I’ll use my server for mainly is to Host my paying customers. And later on I will buy a new server, and do a little shared hosting, does it need a paid MySQL license?

Most important, is about my own customers at the moment, that I’ve been creating websites for, if I host them, is a paid license needed?

Best regards,
Lucas Rolff

Just go with MySQL and be done with it. In fact your server admin will install it for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Leave it all to him.

Thank you! is there any difference between MariaDB and MySQL, like - is there things that is not support in MariaDB, or visa versa? :open_mouth:

You need the free community version of mysql MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server

or alternative better performing forks from

MariaDB 5.2.x
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Percona 5.5.x
Percona Server with XtraDB - Percona Software
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Depends on your application. But MariaDB is basically drop in replacement, i use MariaDB 5.2.x 64bit on CentOS and Debian for vBulletin and wordpress sites without problems.

MariaDB 5.2.x is faster though from benchmarks

Of course depends on your scripts used and traffic patterns.

If you want best performing mysql version right now i’d say it’s MariaDB 5.2.x for both innodb and myisam up to 32 cpu cores it leads. Innodb performance past 48-64 cpu core threads then Percona 5.5.x edges out MariaDB 5.2.x.

If your server has <4 cpu cores probably won’t make a difference.

Just go with mysql community edition - its a wide used rdbm. You will easily get your questions and problem solved.