MYSQL: Lost password

Hi, I’m new to Sitepoint. I’m having trouble with MYSQL. I cannot get passed page 56 of “build your own database driven website using PHP and MYSQL”. When I entered my password it kept saying that it was wrong. I had written the PW down but after 50 times trying to enter it I resorted to page 331 on chapter 10 to try to reset the PW. Even though I followed the instructions, it kept saying “permission denied”. I would like to know how to fix the problem or at least RESET EVERYTHING so I can start all over. I haven’t entered any data to my database or anything so data loss is not a problem. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. I use a Mac btw.

In future, post MySQL questions in the MySQL section, not the general database section.



Have you correctly added the a user to the database and assigned it the permission to connect to the database…recheck it again…most of the time its permission issue.

I try what chapter 10 says but it seems that I’m not getting anywhere. Can you please tell me how to reset the whole thing as if it was when I had to install everything. I just want to start all over. I’ll be a lot more careful next time. Thanks