MySql Certification

As a burgeoning technical consultant, I’m always looking for ways to make myself more marketable. At this point in my life I think there is nothing I can’t accomplish without planning and dedication.

I am wondering if anyone here knows anything about the mysql associate certification. Do you think it is a valuable cert to have for someone who uses a vast array of skills on a daily basis?

i can’t help but notice how many jobs ask for mysql experience. I’d like to study for the associate exam. I think that’s a good and attainable starting point for me.

Does anyone know of any good study resources?

You can get a Study Guide (Amazon UK have it on sale for £24.85). You might be able to find second hand copies of it on auction sites. You should also be able to find via googling practice papers/exams/questions.

Thanks! I’ve seen a number of study materials on google but was wondering if anyone could recommend any GOOD ones?