MySQL and WordPress

I currently work on a few websites that share a mySQL database.

We are considering merging the sites into a single WordPress site.

However I am unsure if it is (fairly easily) possible to doing this, as with Wordpress you are a bit more limited in what HTML / PHP you can add, or more specifically where you can add stuff.

I know you can add in custom HTML to Wordpress sites, but can you add the PHP code and mySQL queries that typically go above the header in a page to a WordPress page?

Another possibility which has been suggested (not by me) is to use iFrames.

So we could create a Wordpress site, and embed existing pages on the same domain within WordPress pages using iFrames. I’m really not sure what the benefit of doing that would be, and seems quite unnecessary if we already have the non WordPress pages.

Maybe I am missing something though - is there any advantage in this approach?

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