mysql_affected_rows is DDL or DML statement?

Today, my senior asked me a mysql_query to get number of affected rows, I said that’s very easy “mysql_affected_rows”, but suddenly he asked by which it is done, by using DDL or by DML? I have never heard that a query is DDL or DML.

a query is either DDL or DML

but mysql_affected_rows is neither, it is a php function

Thank you Rudy Sir.
But the mysql query which in running in backend, and when its outputs comings that “1 row(s) affected”, then to which type that backend query belong ?
Is it DDL or DML?


which query are you talking about? can i see it?

Sir, I am talking about the query which is run in phpmyadmin, when we delete some record in a table. Then it comes in the bottom, that “1 row(s) affected”. Is that DDL or DML?
I think that’s DML because that message came because Data is manipulated.

you are correct – DELETE is DML

i also think its DML (data manipulation language)

using DML commands like insert,delete data is manipulated.