MyBB rich text editor? How do I get it, and install?

I need users to be able to copy and paste thumb images that are links from other websites into the editor when they are posting. This isn’t possible in myBB 1.6 that I use so I need a rich text editor so they can copy more than just text.

I beleive there was one for verion but I don’t know about 1.6. Is this something which is a plugin?

I don’t know how to install it if there is anything either - please help me.

If there isn’t anything - can anyone recomend good, easily customisable forums that do have a rich text editor! thanks.

I think this post should help steer you in the right direction:

CKSource • View topic - CKeditor on Mybb

It didn’t work. But apparently that’s an old tutorial -I use myBB 1.6 ? I tried this and nothing has changed in my editor :S

I was looking on the mybb message boards and it looks like there isn’t much of a need for something like that. Message boards allow posting that is more restricted than something like a blog or cms (and for good reasons). I am sure ckeditor could work with mybb but it would still take editing your template to make sure the input boxes for posts uses the editor. I have only used ckeditor with Drupal since there is a module for it. I’m not a coder so I don’t have much advice on getting it working with a message board and I didn’t see any modules to add that type of functionality to mybb.