My XP home won't upgrade to XP pro


ok, so i had this “so-called” pc tech upgrade my laptop by replacing the old hdd with a bigger one, and replacing the measly 1 gb ram with 2 gb. my original hdd had windows xp home and i upgraded that to xp pro. on the new hdd he installed windows xp home and i tried to upgrade it to xp pro, but this dialog box popped up saying “the current OS is newer than what is on the cd” - what does that mean? how can any version of xp home be Newer than xp pro??
anyways, that same dialog box advised me to restart and boot up with the xp pro cd to install it, but the setup was warning me that “installing 2 operating systems wouldn’t be good” so i cancelled that. i’m thinking the best thing is to just buy the full version of xp pro and install that. if anyone has a better suggestion, i’d greatly appreciate it.


You are going have to do a clean install, not an upgrade. If you install without formatting the drive it will save your old installation to “Windows.old”. However, it has been ages since I’ve actively installed Windows XP.

hi, logic, thanks for the speedy reply. i’ve never installed an OS before or formatted an hdd - any pointers?


  1. Backup everything that you want to keep first so that you don’t lose anything when you install the new OS.

  2. Once you have the backup then simply place the disk for the new OS in the drive and reboot from the disk.

yeah, i already have everything backed up. thanks for the tips!!

Yes, I highly recommend that you go out and purchase the full version of WinXP Pro instead of upgrading the OS from Home to Pro. Upgrades are very touchy and if not done correctly can cause problems to a stable system.

You can easily purchase a genuine OEM license and CD from Newegg for around $99.

yeah, that’s exactly what i’m going to do. thanks, mjkovis!!

If you need or have any troubles formatting and installing the new OS don’t hesitate to ask!