My Wordpress Single Post Pages are not working? Please Help!


My name is Jay and I have a website where I write about and review Sony cameras, lenses, and more. I’m currently running on a VPS Server, but seriously lack the knowledge required unfortunately. I recently updated the server, because my wordpress site was giving me a PHP 5.5 to old error, and since then I have been having issues with my Single Post Pages not loading correctly. All my other static pages including the home pages, and actual reviews load fine though. It’s just the regular day to day type of post pages that won’t load. I’ve been trying to trouble shoot this for days using developer mode in chrome, but I just can’t figure out what happened and why it’s failing to load.

At this point I’m considering reverting the website to a back-up from early february, but I don’t know if this will fix it or not. I’m thinking possible the server update and theme itself might be the issue, but I have no way of determining this 100%. The reason I think it might be the theme, is because when I do a live preview using one of the default wordpress themes, the single post pages seam to load reasonably well, but the live preview is not the greatest formating wise, so It’s hard to tell for sure. I deactivated all the plugins and that made no difference…

Here is an example of a regular post that fails to load:

Thank you in advance if anybody has the time and knowledge to try and help me with this. If anything, perhaps you can refer me to somebody who can help me. I called my server hosting people @justhost, but they do not know what the problem is and suggested it might be the theme. I was not confident with them though.


You have a much bigger problem than a broken theme

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Thank you very much for the reply!! That doesn’t look good either? Any thoughts on how I could possible fix this, and the broken theme?

I was just checking some error logs and I think I may have found the error, but have no clue how to fix it.

Stack trace:
#0 /home/sonyalph/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php(77): include()
#1 /home/sonyalph/public_html/wp-blog-header.php(19): require_once(‘/home/sonyalph/…’)
#2 /home/sonyalph/public_html/index.php(17): require(‘/home/sonyalph/…’)
#3 {main}
thrown in /home/sonyalph/public_html/wp-content/themes/Continuum-Theme/continuum/single.php on line 138
[15-Mar-2019 12:59:02 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split() in /home/sonyalph/public_html/wp-content/themes/Continuum-Theme/continuum/single.php:138

If you view your source code, there is some stray html in your <head></head> section. It looks like it is links to some porn sites. Do you think you were maybe hacked?

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Thank you for the reply and yes I do see that in my source code when viewing. This is definitely not good and needs to be fixed. Do you think this is also causing single pages to not render correctly?

Any idea on how to get rid of that code? Any help would be greatly appreciated! If this is something I can’t do myself, can you please recommend somebody or a hacking service that can help fix this and the other issue I’m having?

Thanks again,

One thing is almost certain.
If the site works using the “twenty___” theme even with all plugins active.
And the site is broken using the continuum theme with all plugins deactivated.
The problem is with the continuum theme.

Unfortunately the continuum theme is a premium theme and unless someone already has the theme I highly doubt anyone would be willing to pay for it just to be able to debug it. Also, more unfortunately, even having purchased the theme, it appears the author does not support it.

What I would do is temporarily use a “twenty___” theme just so the site wouldn’t be broken, and with godspeed look for a different theme that I liked and most importantly has at least some type of support.

As for the inserted cloaked pr0n links, my first steps would be to determine if it’s coming from a rogue plugin.


Yes, I agree. Looks like the theme is not working correctly anymore. This really sucks, because it is custom and all my years of reviews are on custom product review pages that do not appear in any of the default themes. So if I switch to twenty whatever, those key pages are gone. I guess I will have to rebuild from the ground up with a new theme. I don’t really see any choice at this point.

All the plugins are disabled, so I don’t know about a rogue plugin’s? Any idea how I could determine that and if not, any suggestion on a service provider that can fix the hacker issue?

I just don’t want to lose 8 years of hard work, and the link structure that has been shared throughout the web over the years. The site makes me a decent amount of money, and if the link structure goes away I’m afraid I will lose all that hard work. Do you know of a work around for this? Maybe re-directing the old links to new links? I’m sorry for all the questions, but i’ve always done this website work myself and I’m trying to learn as much as possible before rebooting the website completely. It’s probably going to take me over 100 hours of work if not more to redo everything with a new theme from scratch.

Thank you again for all your help! I really appreciate it, and I’m looking for a new them now. I really think a fresh wordpress install is in order just to clean up any erroneous code that might be lingering around.


I’m not understanding why that would be the case. It seems the content would be in the database somewhere and that it should still be possible to display the content in some way even if not how it was with the other theme.

You do want to get rid of the inserted cloaked links. If a search engine discovers them there’s a good chance the site will be removed from SERPs. Even if the site has links to it from other sites, not having it come up in search results would not be good.

If they are still there even after ruling out plugins they may be coming from the database. Hopefully not. The <div>'s inline style has height: 0pt; width: 0pt;. pt is most commonly used for print, not web pages. If you use your IDE / test editor to “find” the string “0pt” in a file that would be helpful. If not in a file you may be able to find the “0pt” string with a database query or searching a backup dump file of the database.

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I can recommend a couple of good resources to help you recover from this:

and an old post here:


If you have been hacked (that or you are a porn linker), you MUST IMMEDIATELY DISABLE your website (who knows what malware has been installed?). Assuming that you have a backup of your original WP (or other “canned app”) AND a CLEAN backup of your database, DELETE EVERYTHING in your webspace and reinstall using VERY STRONG PASSWORDS (do NOT merely reload the ‘WP’ accounts table as that will only allow the hackers to continue).
Then follow the checklist in the “Resources on web application security” linked by TB above.
I also created code (posted at SitePoint (but check my website for updates) for “SuperScan” which uses saved hashes for all executable files (NOT databases) and compares the hashes against the files hourly with reports sent to me every hour and a daily summary every 24 hours. With a VPN, that should be trivial for you.
Regards and a tip of the hat to TechnoBear.


Hi again everybody nd thank you very much for all the generous help with links, suggestions, etc… In all honesty a lot of it was way over my head, but I am learning a ton!!

I just wanted to give an update, my website is back up and I think I got most of the malware removed. The reason the single post pages were not working was because I upgrade the PHP to 7.2. It needed to be downgraded to 5.6, because my theme does not like anything higher than that. I need to upgrade my outdated theme, and then I can upgrade the php to a more current stable version.

As far as as the malware issue, I tried a few plugins that were suggested in this excellent guide linked above:

It turns out the plugin which is free, found a bunch of files and fixed the issues. I donated to the plugin created by Eli to get the latest definitions, and ran the scan again which said the site was clean. However, I then ran the Sucuri scan which still showed some malware. I then contacted Eli from gotmls directly and asked if he could help. He responded immediately and offered to check my website over for the new malware he did not have definitions for yet. He then found the new malware and updated his definitions database to help protect anybody else that might be suffering from this. All I can say is WOW! What an awesome FREE plug-in with amazing support. I donated again after that incredible support, because it was well deserved in my opinion and all the other services I found charge tons of money in comparison.

I also changed my passwords to all the website login stuff, removed the meta area from the website and just bookmarked the login page as a precaution…

In any event thank you again everybody for your help and I hope this helps others that might be having similar issues as me.

All the best,
Jay from SonyAlphaLab


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