My Wordpress is too slow

Dear Friends,

Please Advice me regarding the website which i develop in wordpress in the local server. the thing is the website is too slow somethings and something page is not appearing and Regarding the control panel it is too much for little changes … the website link is Al Fujairah

Please help me out in this problem

Best Regards

Have you tried caching plugins such as W3 total cache? Also, you say you are hosting locally. Can you move it to a remote server such as Amazon’s AWS (free for a year)?

i dont understand caching pluging ? my local server is IIS server and i am bond with it.

Wow, it definitely should not be running that slowly even on Windows and IIS. It seems like it could be some sort of a memory or connection issue. Are you able to look at any diagnostics to see how much memory is being utilized or how many connections are coming in? I presume you’ve rebooted the server? You definitely have to use IIS? Could you use WAMP Server?

yes… i am using the IIS server and the machine is with me, and it have 8 processor, and it’s not utilizing the memory, you can see the other website is working into the same server … Welcome to Port Of Fujairah .
i think there is a problem with the PHP and MySQL
even i am having the same issue with my wp control panel …

Tips for a Faster Loading WordPress Website:

  1. Optimize your Images is a Yahoo Developer tool that allows you to smush images, without causing any quality loss to the picture or graphic.

  2. Upgrade your Hosting
    When you sign up for a web hosting plan you will typically start off with a shared hosting account. On a shared hosting plan your website will be hosted on a server with many other sites. If other sites experience a heavy amount of traffic, this can slow down your website.
    The next step up is virtual dedicated hosting. This type of hosting is less crowded and will usually result in a faster, more reliable, web hosting connection.

  3. Install a Caching Plugin
    w3 Total Cache is a plugin that will allow the code of your website to be served up more efficiently.
    The minify function of this plugin takes comments and line breaks out of the code. This reduces the file size and helps it to load faster.

You’re loading multiple JavaScript files. Firstly, do you need to be loading ekcidtor - that is 324KB alone. You should combine the other JavaScript files into a single file to minimise HTTP requests. YOu should also do the same for the multiple CSS files you have referenced.

You’re also loading the entire jquery library twice. Remove one, and that 70KB saved already.

The header image also seems large for such a small image - maybe have a look at compressing that further?

EDIT: you should also look into adding appropriate expires headers for your content and com press your content using GZIP.