My website won't show up in google search!HELP!

Hi i am a new member and new to web design altogether! I have designed a site for my wife’s Zumba classes it is on the net but will not show up in google search even if the full address is typed in?? I have it linked to google analytics and this will show me hits etc why won’t it come up in search?? Please someone help me !!

That URL is not working for me. Are you having problems with the hosting?

No it works here in NZ if you write the full address in the bar at the top maybe it is not working in other countries??

The website is working (FCVO “working”), but as far as Google is concerned, it’s just a blank page. You have NO content there. All you have are images, and you have set alt="" on each and every one. Where images form part of the content, you need to include suitable alternative text.

Only the homepage is indexed because you’ve used JS navigation on your images and the Googlebot presumably can’t follow them to find your other pages.

Even if your other pages were indexed, as Stevie points out, there’s nothing on them that the bot can actually see so no way for you to rank in the organic search. Your pages are blank to the search engine bots and they can’t follow your navigation.

I recommend reading the Google guide to building a search engine friendly page -


I have gone through your website and it shows in Google and cached by Google as well. Your website doesn’t have any back links so try to get more and more back links for your website.

Wow i don’t know if someone did something or if it just took some time but the site now shows up in Google!! Yay thanks so much if someone did do something.

the site is indexed by google so it will appear. Wait some time and make seo for it.

If you the Full URL, it is showing in the search result. However, the domain in new and would take some time to rank in Google with generic Keywords. Do some on page work like : META TITLE, alt img, inter linking, sitemap (Html &XML), put some useful content. Beside, link building campaign, SMO campaign would help in promotion.