My website won't load on mac.. but loads on other computers in the house

Suddenly, in the middle of working on a Joomla dev site on my hosting account, the page stopped loading. I have it in a subfolder so I tried to atleast load the root site - that won’t load anything either. Basically, everything on that domain has stopped loading on my iMac. But when I try to access it either on my wireless pc laptop or wired pc desktop - it works fine.
I found this on the subject:

and from what it sounds like, somewhere, that domain’s been put on a block list. I know very little about modems and servers, but I followed the instructions some wrote there about changing the numbers in your MAC account, but that didn’t work.

Every once in a while, I’ll refresh and the site will load. I’ll be able to work on it for a while, and then it’ll suddenly stop connecting. Oddly, I am still able to get/put via ftp when this is happening.

I tried doing accessing it via a remote ISP and it loads fine! So the problem is with my Mac. I’ve seen a lot of mention of people having this problem but there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

It happens with both Firefox and Safari; I’ve cleared the cache/history and restarted my computer, my modem and my router. I tried connecting directly to the modem. I tried calling my host and they basically said “not our problem, we can connect fine.”

Can anyone help with this at all?? It seems somewhat common from what I’ve googled, but no explanation and no solution! Thank you…!

ps. I know this is not necessarily a hosting problem… but I really dont know where else an issue like this would go.

I’m not familiar with Mac. But I believe that would be better for you to do the search on some Mac related forums.
I believe there you may find answers faster then here.

Sounds potentially like a DNS issue. When you FTP up to it but HTTP is not working, do you use the same domain/hostname as in your browser? Also ask your host if they are running any sort of IDS/IPS on their servers that may be blocking you.


sounds like a javascript that is not Mac compatible or worse… you do use Flash on that site? .