My website post were suddenly disappearing from google search engine? how to solve this?

From past 7 days my website posts which are earlier top first place were suddenly disappearing from search results. My website visitors are also reduced to low. I verified manual actions and google penalty checker and i found nothing wrong there. So please help me to solve this issue.

It’s possible that the methods you used to get a good ranking were not approved by Google, and it’s now adjusted your ranking accordingly. That won’t necessarily show up as a penalty, because you haven’t been penalised; your rankings have merely been corrected.

Your site can, of course, also sink in the rankings if your competitors’ sites improve.

It’s not possible to say with certainty what happened. All you can do is ensure you have high-quality, unique content and follow Google’s guidelines. That should set you on the right path to regain a good ranking.

I have faced same situation last month on same time. Means last month 16th i faced same situation for 7 days and there after my site appearing good in search results. But this time 7 days are passed. that’s way i am getting little bit worry.

Have you checked in Search Console that Googlebot can crawl your site OK? Do your pages appear if you do a site:yourdomain search?

How much time it takes to set back of my post in search results.

Yes, i checked all those thing and i found everything is fine there.

There is no way anybody can possibly answer this. It depends on why they have have disappeared from results in the first place, and what actions you take. There is no guarantee that a page will appear in search results for a given term. Google tries to show the pages which will be most relevant to the person searching.

Yes off-course, but me also dont know what is wrong. If i found this, i will correct my self. When i have faced the same situation last time at that time also i dont did any thing, it was automatically recovered back. That way i am worried why this problem is often occurring to me only. If i found that problem i will correct my self.

Have you read carefully through the guidelines to check that you’ve done everything Google recommends, and that you haven’t done anything against their guidelines?

yes i have searched all those things i have little bit doubt at content, but not sure. Why because i have already mentioned that i have same situation last time. Last time i did not made any changes in content but google automatically adjusted my website into its original position.

It sounds to me that you might be looking at things too narrowly.

Many statistics over time have peaks and troughs.

IMHO it is better to look at trends over a longer amount of time than it is to look at “snapshots” out of context of the overall picture.

That is, instead of wanting a site to always have high search position, it is more realistic to aim for usually has high search position.


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