My website is showing on Google search on a phone but not on a computer?

Hi All

I have a basic website with a search term of - Grecian Management

If I search on my phone I am at the top of Google… if I search on my computer it does not come up at all.

Any ideas why and how I fix this?

Thanks for any help

Do you have ‘Personal web search’ turned on on your phone? This will return results based on previous searches so is more likely to return your site if you’ve searched for it a lot. I think it still works that you can add &pws=0 on the end of the search url to turn it off, or it can be set to off in your google account settings.

Do you have google search console? this will give you more info on your site status etc

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You can check if your website has been indexed by Google for its exact URL or domain name. Also, you may have to also check your robots.txt file. In case you disallow your site in robots.txt, then it won’t be displayed in search results.

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