My Website is Not in Google

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I have a website <snip />, sometimes Google show the result for the keyword “hreputation”. But sometime it does not give any result for this keyword. Please tell me what can I do for it?

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If u want to be on google promote your site…SEO is required …optimize your site off page and ON page…Do some directory submissions,bookmarking etc to get yourself on the google…

thanks for your giving answer.

but still I am doing SEO on my website. I am doing all thing like directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission, and all. Yet Google does not give proper result. Sometime my website is show in google and sometime i am getting any result for that keyword “hreputation”

what’s the site?

please add your bussiness keywords in title and description dont forget google webmaster tool diffently it gives best results for you website

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I’m sure Google gives the proper result from their point of view, it just isn’t the result you would like :wink:

Sometime my website is show in google and sometime i am getting any result for that keyword “hreputation”

Sometimes as in: last week it showed, today it doesn’t? And by show you mean page 1? Or doesn’t it show at all, not even on page 5, 10 or whatever?

Search results may vary over time because your competitors for that keyword do SEO too. Or maybe Google changed something and that made your webpage less interesting in their eyes.
But as far as I know, search results also depend on previous google searches you did (if you search while logged into your google account), and even on things like “+1” that your Google+ friends (or circles or how are they called) have given to certain webpages?

will you please send me the domain name i will give you best advise for you problem

Yes you need to promote your website. Go for some good service and they will do it for you. If you are planning to do it by yourself then first check for the content of your website. If it is unique and has quality then search engine will try to promote it on its own. What you need to do is to look for some good social sites and put your website link there.
One more thing you need to check before doing this is to be sure about webmaster tool in the manuals. See you dont have any messesge from google regarding your website.
Be very sure about the content of your website if its duplicate then google will show you the result the way you have mentioned. There are a lot of tools available on internet like copyscape to tell your content is original or not. mind every page.
Hope this will help you.

Are you done On-page optimization like submit your sitemap in all search engines and also complete other On-page optimization process?
Your complete these processes definitely Google index your website.

check your website link title description keywords & keyword density inner links outbound links social networking icons like facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, google plux, pintrest

<snip />

can i know the URL

may be the keyword ranking are dancing (Google Dance)

To all asking for the url to the OP’s website: it has been removed from the first post by a moderator, because it isn’t needed for this discussion. If the OP wants a SEO review of his site, he can ask for it in the appropriate forum: , following the rules as explained in this sticky:

hi friends
I have a problem with mysite
If I check the positions of the keyword in google using keyword rank checker it shows the result and position of site,
But when Iam trying to chech the site manually in google serch I can’t see my site in the results…
please help me with this

When you’re checking for your own site in Google, the key thing is to make sure you are not logged in to Google, and if possible not using a browser where you haven’t ever clicked through to your site from Google. This should give you the most accurate results, any third-party tool that you use has the potential for not being as accurate.

do more off page activities like directory, bookmarking, article submission and search engine submission. and submit site map in webmaster tool…

Try to get links from regular crawl website so it will easy to get re-index on Google and submit sitemap on Google webmaster tool

No you can’t, as I already explained here:

@cynikashr; I just tried a search for HReputation and your site came up in the SERPs
Seems to me like it should as this isn’t a real word and thus should have no competition.
You haven’t replied to this thread for near on three weeks, problem resolved?