My website IP is not working

I have a shared hosting plan in I can post unlimited domains under the single hosting plan. But i have only one domain hosted there. And its IP is and when I take this IP in browser i got a message “There is no website configured at this address.” But my domain is is already there. Why this happen?? It is because I am in the shared hosting??

I am sure that response is exactly as your web host has configured it. With a shared hosting environment multiple domains are probably utilizing it. If you want your users to be able to access your site via ip you will have to purchase a static ip from them, assuming they offer such an advanced feature. I use dreamhost and they do.

I suppose that IP is shared with other sites hosted there and web host has disabled function accessing your web site by IP.

It is because I am in the shared hosting??

Yup. There are multiple domains pointing at the same IP. Based on the IP alone, when you visit it directly, the server can’t know which of the probably thousands of domains it hosts, you’re trying to reach. So, typically you’ll be presented with a default page that lets you know that the web server is up and running, etc.

Then how can i access my site through a single IP?

As others have said bluehost is shared hosting only, so many hundreds of websites share the same ip.

the only way that you can have a website and get to it via the ip is to get dedicated hosting where yours is the only site on the ip.

As you host your domain in shared server, you cant browse with IP address, in case if you have static IP.

accessing through ip will only be possible in case you have dedicated hosting, shared wont get you through…

You can better contact Because, they can solve this problem. Might be problem with their servers. Try to contact them. Thanks.