My website back links are not showing in Google why?

Hello webmasters I have a problem with my site it was not showing back links of my website in Google when I type it was happening before 3 or 4 weeks and automatically starting its search with www even my website was before not worked with www . It was worked with only.


your website found canonical issue, firstly fix that problem and backlinkwatch [dot]com here you can check all backlink on your website


[FONT=verdana]Searching for link:<domain name> is notoriously unreliable. At best, it shows a fraction of the links to your site, and might not show any at all.

A better way of monitoring links is to use Google Webmaster Tools, but even that doesn’t give you the complete picture.

My advice would be not to worry about it. Focus on developing the best site you can, and monitor the actual traffic that comes to the site.


First of all, check your websites canonical redirection. Then, start using some free tools for checking your backlinks and do not use the Link: format.

Even for my site its not showing the links but my site don’t have any canonical issue

opensiteexplorer is very good too