My sites reloading to another site

I had download a template from net now i can see my blog site sites reloading to another site how to remove it help me please

What was the template? A bit more information would be helpful.

/* -----------------------------------------------
Blogger Template Style
Name: Film Reviews
Author :
License: Free Version
----------------------------------------------- */

I’m thinking this is your fault for trying to not show the element with the #mycontent id?

You’re using the template. Is it so bad if the template author wants an attribution link?

@safat - I’ve deleted most of your post, because there really isn’t much point in posting your template code here. But I’m confused, because this part shows you as the author of the template, but you stated that you downloaded the template.

So firstly, what is the name of the template you are using, and from which site did you download it?

Edit: I expect @Mittineague’s found the root cause of your issue.

If you want to remove the attribution, you need to get the paid version!


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