My site seems to be slow only in Mozilla? What could cause this?

Anyone know what could cause my website to run slow just in Mozilla? I am using the new Mozilla 3.6 and my website runs slow whenever I try to post to my forums, etc. It seems to run only slow when SUBMITTING stuff to my MySQL databse to my forums, through private messages, etc.

Could this be a database problem or Mozilla causing problems?

I did get a “Could not connect to MySQL Database” error once or twice in the last couple of days as well.

I am just frustrated at the slow performance. :frowning:

I don’t think this has anything to do with your browser. It sounds like your database is overloaded and you need to work on that.

Or perhaps my hosting company is doing it because I’ve changed nothing in the last week. I am using hostgator to run my joomla websites, which all run off their own databases.

Anyone know if a good hosting company for joomla sites, please PM me. thank you.

For a poorly optimized database-heavy website, once you start getting meaningful traffic, shared hosting just won’t cut it. Doesn’t matter where you move. You either need the skill to dig into your site and minimize and rewrite queries, redesign the database, or upgrade to a VPS so that there’s more RAM available to the database.

Could be FX. FX3.6 almost freezes running JS. Google it. There are a couple threads floating around.

I wouldn’t think you’re host is purposely doing anything to slow down your performance. From the db error’s your getting I would have to assume that the traffic your site is receiving is more than your current hosting plan supports. I’d look into getting a VPS or something similar if your site’s getting a decent amount of traffic.

If you have a high amount of addons and extensions it can have the same effect…
I had the same problem a while back and I just turned them all off temporarily to find it worked perfectly…
I’d highly suggest you try this :slight_smile: