My site ranking

3 week ago my site keywords search engine ranking is high but my site organic visitor and alexa ranking is low please help…:confused:

but before 3 week my site keyword in search engine raking is below but search engine visitor 50% but this time my keyword in search engine ranking is high but search engine visitor is 35%???

Don’t worry it happens lot many times .It happened with me also all depends on visitors.Do more work on off page SEO it will help you get more backlinks and will increase traffic.

I’m not quite sure I follow the sentence structure, but anyway …

Most sites don’t have absolutely steady traffic and ranking levels; you’ll get random highs and lows for no obvious reason, particularly if you don’t have a very high volume of traffic to start with.

First of all … what exactly is the problem? Are you worried about your position in the search results? Or is it the number of people referred to your site from search engines? Or the total volume of traffic?

If I understand this you are saying 3 weeks ago 50% of your visitors came from search engines but now only 35% do.

Well first off if you are using Alexa to get these figures don’t worry - they shake around and the higher your Alexa ranking the more they shake around.

If these are from Google Analytics then consider:

  • is your analytics code installed on every page of your site?
  • where exactly is the other traffic coming from?

I had a situation with a website where an article I published on ezine ranked #1 for the keyword. The result was much more traffic to the website BUT in percentage terms less from search engines … for a while!