My site pushed to the left with sidebar space missing

Hello all. I am having some problems with my website template, where it appears with everything pushed hard to the left edge of the screen, only on some browsers. I had the original designer try to figure it out and he was unable, then I hired another designer, and they tested the site on all the browsers and found no problem.

However I have seen it myself in Safari 5, IE 8, and Firefox 4. Every month or so I get a message from someone saying, “Your site is pushed over to the left with no white space.”

Could someone tell me what might be wrong? And what I could do about it?

You can see the site in my signature.

I tested it in IE 8 and Firefox 5 for Windows and I didn’t see any hard left positioning. :scratch:

Thank you for your help. Yes, that seems to be the problem, that some people see it in their browser and others not. It was tested with a browser tester and showed up with no problem. But sometimes it ‘does’ show up hard left.

Unfortunately I have had two designers try to figure it out with no success.