My site...over 12.000 visitors

hey guys…

Im verry hapy withih my site but like to have my own domain…where can i do this and how can i incrase my visitors views?

Can anyone please help me?


Any domain registrar will allow you purchase a domain, you will need to decide what you want first before you go to buy it (assuming its free)

From there, you can either point this directly at the current hosting, or change your hosting to suit.

Get it hosted, search for some decent template, upload the template, define keywords, create content then start link building:)

Domain name itself will not be able to increase number of page views. I believe you will need to discover some new marketing methods for that.

It sounds like you have free web hosting and are currently hosted on a sub-domain? None-the-less, that is why hosting with a top-level domain is always best… You control, own and manage the domain but it’s all quite easy actually as the web host provider will do most or all the work.

In regards to increasing visitors to your site, that my friend will come down to your marketing methods and has nothing to do with your domain name at all, but purely your methods of getting recognition online…

You can register your own domain name and host it with a hosting company if you aren’t using one yet. A domain name can be registered through any one of the popular registrars. It is important to have your own domain name.

You can get your own domain from hosting sites like godaddy… but you’ll have to do link building for it.

I’m not sure what this thread is about, but it surely isn’t about web hosting.

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