My site is not ranking in Google But Ranking 1st in Yahoo?

Hi All,

One of my turkey site ranking 1st position in Yahoo Turkey. But ranking in 280th position in Google Turkey Search Engine.
How this much variation? How do i bring 1st position in google turkey?

Hope i’ll get positive reply’s from SP forum.


[font=verdana]What clues have you given Google that the site is aimed at people in Turkey?
eg - set location in Google Webmaster Tools - hosted on a Turkish server - language set on every page.

Does it do any better in or other country sites?[/font]

Is your domain is ".com"or “”? If your domain is “.com” then set your targeted country in Google Webmasters Tool. Find Few local directories and Bookmarking sites which have local domain extension. If you have good quality backlinks then your site will rank on Google also…

Consider looking at what your competition does. Is your website promoting something that a lot of people have already been doing? If yes, then you’ll really have a tough time getting that top spot. I’m not saying that you should copy what they’re doing; it’s just a way for you to think of how you’re going to make yourself look “different” while being in the same industry. It’s going to take time before you’re going to reach that. It’s cool that you’ve reached the top of Yahoo!'s search results, though. At least you’re visible in one of the major search engines.

this is a complex problem, maybe your site punished by google, you site new or old? what’s condition before! if it’s a new site, ranking in google need you SEO your site persistent, SEO contains more skills, you may learn it from an SEO Book!

My domain name is end with .com only…

First of all, every search engine has its own algorithm for everything, its said so. And getting your website ranked in Yahoo is easier compared to getting it ranked in Google. Normally when you optimize your website for Google, you get to rank automatically on Yahoo and other search engines, as the concept of optimization is same for all search engines.

Optimize your site for Google, first make sure you have good content and have all the META data clear and perfect. Then start building links to your website from reputed and high pagerank websites. This will get you to better ranking on Google, soon.

First of all tell me that which SEO method you are currently using for promoting your website in Google turkey.

I’m using seo for google turkey. Like turkey classifieds, turkey directories and all submissions based on the turkey region.

Is it written in native Turkish? I’m based in Turkey and know that the online translators don’t work very well.

first of all note that each search engine followed its own algorithm. you can get your website ranked in Yahoo is easier thann google. Check the Meta data, Metadata description, Keyword are placed at the right position or not.

I’ve seen this said before, but if was the case, wouldn’t we all be crammed on the first page? If one site is ranked high then others have to be below it?

I agree with (Stevie D). there is a option on webmaster tool to select the location you are targeting and then build quality backlinks from trusted sites.

Here You need to do Local SEO for your Turkish website! Make sure you target some of the popular websites in your nation and locality and make your linkbuilding and community relationships! Try to make your presence in local community! Best of luck!