My site Impressions has dropped

My site Impressions has dropped 25000 to 9000 Impressions since 31/06/2020. how can I fix that?

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Did you make any changes to your site around that time?

yes, make some backlinks, edit some posts and add content, add more posts

Is it possible than some of your activities may have caused search engines to regard your site as poor quality? Low-quality backlinks are one of the things which can have a negative impact on your search ranking and therefore also on your traffic.

i maked a semrush backlink audit and added all bad links to google Disavow Links Tool.

It can take time to recover if your site has been penalised, so you may just need to be patient.

  • Was the drop gradual or was it sudden ?
  • Did you check out with Google Search Console any issue in the Index > Coverage section ?
  • Did you try PageSpeed insights to check out if you had some performance issue ?
  • Did you check out with Google Search Console in Performance your average CTR on your main keywords ?

What I do usually when this happens is:
Step 1 - Revert all changes i have made recently
Step 2 - Start doing all changes I did, but doing only 1 change per week to see which change broke my SERP
Step 3 - See why this change made my website derank or lose impressions

If your website impressions are dropped then you can fix it by doing:
Undo the recent changes that you’ve made
remove low quality backlinks from your site
optimize the content
check out the new algorithm updates

As the OP appears to have lost interest and hasn’t been seen in months, there seems little point in reviving this discussion now.

Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.